Travel Tips


Flights can be the most expensive part of a trip, so finding cheap ones is key to traveling on a budget. Here are the best websites to look.

Google Flights

This is by far the best website for finding flights. You can use the explore feature to look at flights from one airport to all others in the world, search in monthly calendars to find the cheapest dates, and select multiple airports to test which ones are cheaper to fly in or out of. It includes mostly all the airlines in the world, and has, in my experience, been the cheapest option 9 out of 10 times.


Kayak is like a less user friendly version of Google Flights. It also has an explore feature, and as an added bonus, you can set up flight alerts that will email you anytime a certain flight dips below a price threshold that you set. There have also been rare occasions where I have seen a flight cheaper here than on Google, so it is best to check both.

Student Universe

While this name can be deceiving, you do not need to be a student to use Student Universe. This site is not very user friendly and can be frustratingly slow. At the same time, I have found some killer deals on here, so it is worth a mention and a look.

Airline Websites

It is also worth checking the airline websites themselves. Sometimes they have special deals that you cannot find anywhere else. In the case of some budget airlines (like Allegiant ) their flights may not even show up in most flight search engines. If you know an airline does the route you are looking for, check their website just in case, remember to pay attention to extra fees, especially with discount airlines.


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