Travel Tips


Climb a Mountain

I have climbed mountains before, but I have never climbed a MOUNTAIN. I want to need crampons. I want to use the word mountaineering and mean it (here’s lookin at you Hood). I am anticipating that this will become a new addiction of mine, so I definitely want to get started sooner rather than later.

Go On An Multi-Night Backpacking Trip

Last summer I never quite got everything together enough to pull this off. For 2017 I am all planning. I’m talking alarms set on my phone for times to pick up permits, a brand new tent that, unlike my old one, is not one big storm away from falling apart, and trails already picked out for trips.

Set Foot On A New Continent

It is high time that I branched out and visited someplace totally new. I have being trying to make it to another continent for a while now, but crazy flight deals to Europe kept me heading that way. I now have a trip planned to South America (I’m coming for you Machu Picchu), so this one is for sure getting crossed off the list.

Hike Half Dome

I am going to be honest with you, Half Dome intimidates me. I KNOW that I could do it. I KNOW that it isn’t really that dangerous, but something about coming back down the cables scares the hell out of me (going up, however, doesn’t worry me at all). Either way, it is high time that I stood on top of this guy.

Take Better Photos

In 2016 I invested in a MUCH nicer camera. In 2017, I went to get super good at using it. While I normally lack the patience it takes to take great photos, I want to try to change that. I don’t always have to hike a million miles an hour. Sometimes it would be nice to go slow and take my time to get the shots I want.

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