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Want to go camping for the first time? Here are all the things you will need


While you don’t absolutely need a tent (you can go with a hammock, or just sleep under the stars) they are the best option. Your tent is your home away from home. You will need to decide on a size (two person works for most occasions, but if you are planning on having lots of people regularly, you can go bigger) and a price range. Tents range from $20 to $500+. While the more expensive ones can be nicer, my $20 one has lasted me three years and countless camp trips.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags can either be extremely cozy or extremely uncomfortable. Make sure you get one that fits the temperatures you will be out in (plan for 10 degrees colder than you think you need to). You will also want one that fits your body type. Too short and you will have some cold shoulders, but too big and you will be swimming.

Sleeping Pad

Not a necessity, but if you want to wake up feeling like heaven, invest in one. You can go with foam ones or inflatable (my personal fave). These range in prices like everything else, so you can choose your price range and go from there. Either way, your back and hips will thank you.


There are no lights when you’re camping, and chances are you won’t be going to bed with the sun. While flashlights work, headlamps are much more practical for when you are cooking, walking, or doing much of anything. Don’t go super cheap on these, as you want something with some brightness. Middle of the range is best.

Camp Chairs

You need something to sit in while you drink wine around the campfire. While most campgrounds have picnic tables, they are not always located near the fire ring, and they are not always in the best shape. Cheap camp chairs will do, but the more you spend the more comfort you will get.

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