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Are you an experienced traveling wanting to get your friends to go with you? Traveling with friends can be some of the most memorable experiences in your life. Not only are you out exploring new places, but you are doing it with the people you love. However, getting your friends to travel with you can be harder than it sounds. Here are my tips for getting your friends out the door.

Travel Within Their Realm

Your friends may not be as experienced with travel as you, they may not have the same budget as you, they may not have the same schedule as you, and they may not love museums as much as you. They are not you. If you want to travel with them, you have to take all of this into consideration and adjust your plans accordingly. If they only have weekends off, then make plans that fit into a weekend. Find trips that fit with their budget and both of your interests. In the end, it won’t matter how far you go, it will only matter that you go together, and yes, that is from a fortune cookie.


Sometimes planning can be the biggest hump to get over with traveling, so take it out of the equation. Find out your friend’s budget and schedule and take the lead! Make plans, set the date, coordinate with everyone, and put things in motion. Getting everyone to make decisions together can take forever. You can get stuck in the limbo of talking about a trip over and over again, but never actually going on it. The only way out of this is to pull the trigger and take the lead. Be respectful of everyone’s ideas and wants of course, but go the extra mile and take the work of planning on yourself.

Ease Them Into It

Traveling can be overwhelming and intimidating at first, so don’t just push your friends in the deep end. Start small and work your way up. Go on a trip close to home, and then a trip further away. Plan the more complicated things for them the first time, and then open things up the next. Most likely, going on one trip will inspire them to go on more. Once they are bitten by the travel bug, they will be just as excited about travel as you.

Be Patient

Remember that, no matter how much you and your friends have in common, you are still different people. You may not always want to do the same things or go to the same places and that is fine. Make compromises, be understanding, and don’t be afraid to split up when you need to. It’s not just your trip, or their trip, it’s both of yours, and you need to make sure you both get everything you can out of it.

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