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Romsdal Valley

This valley has been called the Yosemite of Norway, and for good reason. It is stupid beautiful and chalk full of granite cliffs and dramatic waterfalls. Oh, and you will most likely be exploring it completely alone. Crowds are not a thing that exist here.


Proof that the Norwegians will build a road anywhere. Not only is the drive fun, but the scenery is incredible. You will pass waterfalls, cliffs, valleys, lakes, rivers, etc. If you are like me, you might even have a minor freak out over how the water looks like kool-aid.


This place. This. Freaking. Place. If you do one thing in Norway, do this. The trailhead can be reached a number of ways, but I highly suggest renting a kayak and paddling to it yourself. The meadow is a serene place to eat a scenic sandwich, and the view is out of this freaking world.


This glacier is quite famous, and the walk up to it comes complete with a history lesson. Markers show how the glacier has melted through the years and changed the landscape. If you want more, located literally the valley over is Bodalsbreen glacier. This one includes a scenic drive by the most blue-green lake you will ever see, and a view without the “crowds” (by Norway standards) in Briksdalbreen.


You should visit at least one city right? And what better place than Bergen. It is a mix of history (the old Brygenn made entirely out of wood) and hip new age city vibes. Take a walk and eat your weight in seafood because why not?


Do you like canyons? Do you like waterfalls? Do you like rainbows? Of course you do. Vorringfossen has got it all. You can either enjoy views by just pulling off the road or take a short hike into the bottom of the canyon and get soaking wet from waterfall mist. I definitely suggest doing both.

Kjeasen Farm

Similar to Skagefla but also very different. Different fjord, different view, different feel. You can either drive up to the farm or take an epic hike complete with ropes, ladders, and weird log bridge things. Either way, take some time to lay in the meadow and soak up the view.


Norway isn’t just fjords. There are also beautiful lakes and forests to explore. This hike is a relatively easy way to see and experience this entirely different ecosystem. Bonus points that you can swim in the lakes after you’re done.


Unfortunately, this trail was buried in knee deep wet slushy snow when I was there, so I was unable to do it. Even still, I can say in full confidence that if you can make this happen, you should.

Get in a boat, any boat

Norway is full of water, and the best way to explore water is in a boat. Rent a kayak or canoe. Take a ferry or a fjord safari or a water taxi. Get out on the water and enjoy this beautiful country from a different perspective.

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